Food matters because we love to eat. Sitting down to enjoy our favorite foods can be the highlight of the day. But food matters even more because the foods we eat have a purpose. The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals, every day and throughout our lives!

Discovering and choosing the right foods can propel you forward, help you succeed and keep you healthy. But for many of us, eating healthy is hard to do. It takes planning, it takes time—it even takes the creativity and courage to listen to new ideas, try new foods and open up to new flavors.

Our chefs and dietitians know how challenging eating healthy can be. But they also know that discovering healthy food can be fun, empowering and rewarding. So we’re here to help you discover what healthy food can do for you and to help you enjoy all the positive things that can happen when you start ‘feeding your potential’.

Wellness Features 

 Over 30% of our menu options include at least 1 full serving of fruits and vegetables, lower calories, lower saturated fat and low sodium.

 Over 10% of our menu options have whole grains or whole wheat as a leading ingredient.

 All of our stations have a vegan or vegetarian entrée.
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    Special Diets
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    Our Healthy for Life® Commitment
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    Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
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